Peace- ing it out with myself !

:’Nobody can hurt me without my permission’
-Mahatma Gandhi

Our monotonous engineering life had started to irk us. Attending 6-8 hours of lectures and to add to the misery were all those assignments with tedious deadlines. It isn’t as horrible as I’m making it sound though, but ya.. Everything starts to get annoying when it has to be done the same way for a long period!

Let’s not sway away. So we climbed up the small hills on the way to the topmost reach, from here everything seemed very small. It was like we had left our problems way down and now they were too little to be visible. This was supposed to be our revitalizing sojourn after what all the technical data fed into our system had done to our being.

The best part of these underdeveloped suburbs is that it ain’t developed.. Everything was still as naive as God had made it. Picturesque places like these drift our minds to a pleasing solitude. This kind of peace isn’t what you search for at churches and temples, it’s the inner peace, it’s about sorting matters with yourself before the inner you is lost amongst the noises of the world.

We’ve got so many things up in our life that drain us through and bring us down to the pigeonhole we make to protect ourselves from anything new, hurting or difficult. What stays within the courage-tower we build, is what keeps us going during these trying days, and helps us move on and not let our past leech out the happiness from our today.


Indian Dramas

If You watch Indian Serials.. Then you certainly know what I’m Talking about.!

1. Sleeping Beauty(-fully)

In our Indian dramas they sleep with a heavy load of jewellery and a truck load of make-up. I bet ya neither among the Amabanis or Birlas do that. So just from the look and feel the viewers are given a tour of an unreal fanciful setup. Its as if they’re all decked up waiting for their Prince Charming, if in case he stopped over past midnight, No taking chances.! ( TITLE REFERENCE!! 😉 ).

2. The Mojo-Jojos
People in the real world don’t really have that kind of time, most of us dont even have time to look past ourselves or for that matter take a peep into our own lives.. forget interfering into others trivial matters, and scheming and plotting jealously over their success.

3. ‘Tu Tu Main Main’ Level Infinity
These Indian-Serial Bahus and Saas’ have real big unsolved problems, they conspire against each other out of no reason with the same zeal kids show in breaking their new toys after a while of showering over-affection, its like killing a lamb after feeding it for weeks.

4. Immortality Potion
Characters that die and re-re-re… resurrect. Because just resurrecting back to life is too mainstream, our characters make a come back as totally different human beings which Ekta Kapoor slyly classifies as “Plastic Surgery” effect. Thats when I learned that a plastic surgery could change the shape -color of your eyes, shape of your face, your voice and basically every feature of your body from your hieght to your weight *Sarcasm*. Duh..

5. The Complicated Mother Teressa’s
Not to mention the Utopian Love- triangles and -Polygons they introduce among the characters (or the Utopian Archana in this case.. thats the legacy she hands down to her kids and their kids.. ). This kind of love isn’t restricted just within the limits of their boyfriends or resurrecting husbands, It could be the mother, sister ,daughter or anyone in that case.

6. The Flare- ers
The basic problem starts when they over-express themselves, be it in terms of their facial cosmetics or their impractical love bounds and the primary most is their over-reaction to situations, more so like a balloon at the needlepoint. Don’t really understand if its their imperfect acting skills or its the director to be blamed. Whatsoever the explanation be, it just worsens the already wallowing-in-mediocrity storyline. 

7. Happily-Bore-You-Ever-After
Then comes the part where the director is done with the story and there is nowhere ahead the plot could move. The road is like blocked so you better STOP! and anybody would stop but not our director. Here is when the car takes a reverse and tit-bits of the story are repeated, a small part is taken from sibling serials, a modest piece stolen from any random movie that even remotely fits in. And Lo! The Story never ends. 

P.S: This Post Was written under the influence of after-watching-Indian-Serial syndrome. 

Sobering Down My Opinions ! ;)

Its around 2 a.m, as I was Lying in bed waiting for his reply, I took a stroll down my memory palace ..

sitting shyly in a corner with friends covered all around. I caught a glimpse of him ,the new student the peers were trying to know better, and his friend who was more so busy showing him off to others like a Gujarati businessman trying to get attention for his superfluous product. Differently dressed – more like a hippie, feeling morally superior to the new kid, the sham Sherlock Holmes within my head deduced this young man to be bending on the wrong side of  the human race.

And look at me now, its past 2 a.m, phone held in one hand and a book in the other, trying to help save this same kid from a silly trouble he created.  Yup, he is a friend now.. the same guy I crudely formed an opinion about earlier.

This carefully camouflaged hippie was nothing like his attire spoke aloud about him.It is not surprising how these highbrows preach.. the best lessons of life are taught by Life itself. Maybe someday I could tell my kids the story of How I learned to go sober on my opinions! 😉

“Being Grateful” . Are we?

We (undoubtedly includes me as well) have this slothing tendency of monitoring people who are beneath us in terms of privileges or accomplishments (be it of any form). Because thats our definition of being in a self-pleased state or as some people would tag it as “Being Grateful”  or as I would say it as the “Stunted Growth” state.

As we have been taught since our early years to be “Grateful” a.k.a look at the guy with the missing limb, or those who can barely realize their livelihood, and be aware of the pleasant things we are blessed with. Probably this lesson instilled in us since childhood nurtures within unknowingly and we just quit trying under the veil of being “Grateful”.  Thats the Stunted Growth condition. We certainly should be Thankful  but thats our obligation to the nature, to the Gods and not a liability for our improvement.