“Being Grateful” . Are we?

We (undoubtedly includes me as well) have this slothing tendency of monitoring people who are beneath us in terms of privileges or accomplishments (be it of any form). Because thats our definition of being in a self-pleased state or as some people would tag it as “Being Grateful”  or as I would say it as the “Stunted Growth” state.

As we have been taught since our early years to be “Grateful” a.k.a look at the guy with the missing limb, or those who can barely realize their livelihood, and be aware of the pleasant things we are blessed with. Probably this lesson instilled in us since childhood nurtures within unknowingly and we just quit trying under the veil of being “Grateful”.  Thats the Stunted Growth condition. We certainly should be Thankful  but thats our obligation to the nature, to the Gods and not a liability for our improvement.





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