Sobering Down My Opinions ! ;)

Its around 2 a.m, as I was Lying in bed waiting for his reply, I took a stroll down my memory palace ..

sitting shyly in a corner with friends covered all around. i caught a glimpse of him ,the new student the peers were trying to know better, and his friend who was more so busy showing him off to others like a Gujarati businessman trying to get attention for his superfluous product. yea, Thats how it seemed to me the first time. Differently dressed – more like a hippie, I had my pre judgmental hat on already, the sham Sherlock Holmes within my head deduced this young man is a total waste of a creature, nothing like a someone I should be anywhere near. *To my defense, I was a freshman (haven’t always been that condemnatory or hypocritical since). *

And look at me now, its past 2 a.m, relaxing back with one hand to hold my phone and a book held in the other, I seem to be trying real hard to multi task for the same “Him”(Who is now a Friend) , I crudely formed an opinion about earlier.

This carefully camouflaged hippie was nothing like his attire spoke aloud about him.It is not surprising how these highbrows preach that.. the best lessons of life are taught by Life itself. Maybe someday I could tell my kids the story of How I learned to go sober on my opinions! 😉


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