Pouring out my Heart and Head into Words..

I had a different post in mind.. But my self inflicted sullen state has got me here. Yea.. Very much Self inflicted because apparently it should have been my day of rejoicing and even ecstasy wouldn’t be an over expression. Instead I’m here making an effort not to be reckoned a miserable agony.

Never been the dewy-eyed genre, trying hard each time to put up a fight, to sham strong.. Somewhere deep all the muscles probably wore out in the combat. The worstness of this rant with yourself is when all the flashbacks come back, re-re-re…play until it brings you down, this low that the little voice within you demands help to rollback., any shoulder would do it screams, while the adamant head triumphs over the run down little voice. Not willing to give in, not to anything and not to anyone. Trying to keep headstrong whatever comes by.

What could have possibly made that strong head to lower down to wipe those dew drops off the cheek? Was this zest to withstand peeling off eventually? Had it become so bitter within that even so much of happiness couldn’t cloud it? Or is it just a one day thing?

Duhh.. I’d rather check the last alternative. The comforting possibility.

So I’m off, after whining all through the three little paras, quiet a lot of those annoying deteriorated rewinded cinemas have stopped playing, and I’m beginning to enjoy the bliss of the selection mail I received. 🙂 after 2-3 @iisuperwomanii and @jusreign videos down, not a soul would get a hint of the real story behind my smudged eyeliner. 😉

P.S: no proof reading done. Apologies for any mistakes and a special pardon for trumpeting my sadness just too much.

Recovery Plan watch a Friends episode or a Russell Peters. Laugh and forget all the crappy thoughts that stray about. 😀 (was that a self tip? Anywho.. ) 😉


Why I say a NO to reservation system!

Anyone listening? Ok so It’s admission time but my name doesn’t get listed but the SC/ST folk right there, yes the same one your thinking.. Is getting admitted even though his percentile is far more counts lesser than yours. Story of an Indian student.

Apparently years ago our Dalit or scheduled Indians were ill treated as slaves or untouchables to their Brahmin counterparts. The Historically discriminated communities of India back then, this segregation was made based on the colour of their skin. Ofcourse the lighter shaded people enjoyed the Brahmin privilege. (I wonder why isn’t it ever the other way! )

any-who the present scenario doesn’t care which tribe you belong to, nobody looks down at a backward caste. Neither are they doing slave jobs. So why not give a fair starting position to all, and then watch for the true winner.


Yup that’s India’ quota system. 27% for the Generals- !

Ignorance: The Human Disease



“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” -Albert Einstein

Robin Williams didn’t kill himself, stigma killed him. It kills many people like him everyday. Here is how:

STIGMA, that is the reason people do not ask for help. STIGMA is the reason people do not go to the doctor and say I’m depressed, or I’m an addict, or I do not feel things like anyone else. Who wants to say that I feel all these intense emotions? When you know what the result is going to be. What we will do is we will give you medication. We will tell you to change, to just feel…

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