Why I say a NO to reservation system!

Anyone listening? Ok so It’s admission time but my name doesn’t get listed but the SC/ST folk right there, yes the same one your thinking.. Is getting admitted even though his percentile is far more counts lesser than yours. Story of an Indian student.

Apparently years ago our Dalit or scheduled Indians were ill treated as slaves or untouchables to their Brahmin counterparts. The Historically discriminated communities of India back then, this segregation was made based on the colour of their skin. Ofcourse the lighter shaded people enjoyed the Brahmin privilege. (I wonder why isn’t it ever the other way! )

any-who the present scenario doesn’t care which tribe you belong to, nobody looks down at a backward caste. Neither are they doing slave jobs. So why not give a fair starting position to all, and then watch for the true winner.


Yup that’s India’ quota system. 27% for the Generals- !


4 thoughts on “Why I say a NO to reservation system!”

  1. Well I’ll put it this way. Reservation quotas are just one of good ideas which we, as a nation, have ripped apart and turned it into a political gimmick. A system based on pure merit would do wonders but having said that, it is also the case of having the necessary tools to prepare, which people belonging to certain sects don’t. And this results in students such as yourself not getting a fair (no pun intended) deal at all.

    I guess I barely have any semblance of a solution, just continuing the rant!

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