Digging Deep on why Birds of the same feather.

Have you ever noticed that in 8 of 10 cases people share the strongest possible kind of friendship usually with those who speak their same tongue?
{ 4 of 5 friends I earned from the days, I had only milk teeth to showcase each time I smiled, are southies *though the left out 1 was a Nepali, friends like her implicate the phrase “Sister from another Mister” rightly* … so I just totaled it up out of 10 and lo.. that is how I came up with that number! 😉 }

This time Google didn’t offer me any article pillaring my epiphany. In India, Google says we speak 122 languages (excluding profanity. 😉 ). Not many countries have such a variety of local tongues spoken among their populace. Here every language has their own subordinate division emanating from their linguistic varieties,just like English spoken within the US is different from that spoken by ‘The English’ and it is certainly poles apart the Indian English. And so this enlightenment showers its light precisely in case of the Indian scenario.

It’s hard to sum up to a particular reason behind this question mark. Here are some bullets I came up with to corroborate this surmise.

1. Parent Friendly
These are the ones you obliviously arrange for yourself keeping your parents’ perspective in reverence. This kid knows to strike the perfect conversation with your parents, and is the ideal candidate to take home with you when mother invites your Friends home, for supper. For some reason your parents cool down tout de suite as you tell them your late but your with “this” friend.

Friends from the same cultural background have a lot of common grounds to hang on to. There are some stereotypes that cling with each culture like Marwaris are assumed to be misers, while South Indian people are believed to have the funniest accent, and the Gujaratis are known for their shrewd business sense, Like minded birds flock together in the end. And it just doesn’t end there, there maybe a festival to celebrate together, a dish that only two of you could reason is tasty.( Gujaratis prefer sweet vegetarian dishes where as southies don’t let their food digest without at least a titchy morsel of meat). Different Leaders are worshipped in different parts of the country, like Jayalalitha is for the Tamilians and Modi for the Gujaratis. And a lot more jazz I’m sure that I have missed on could eventually propagandize likeness among people.

Dsouza’s, Dias, Dmello’s are Christian surnames, and when your sorted in class based on your surname all you guys end up together, just like the Achrekars, Ambekars and Amrutes.  A friend in need is a friend indeed. So these are you back-ups during exams and practicals. And friendships are eventually bound to breed.

The last and the biggest advantage is the”No-one else knows your language” USP. We can crap about the one sitting right besides without releasing an ounce of suspicion.


The Selfless Lover

It is my post educational era, wherein I’m looking out for a desired job offering a decent salary, at a comfortable site and the one without a long-term agreement that would keep my wings tied down. So basically to get all the odds in place is not a piece of cake, and even if it were it ain’t the tasty breed. Now let me get back to the intended direction I want to take this post to.

After I got the “You-are-shortlisted” mail is only when I cared to check about the company I had applied for. Dint really seem like a stream I was playing the odds for, the profile looked more apt for the marketing professionals rather, as there was nothing I could do with my programming skills here. But unless you can’t  convince your co-sailors they drag you along with them.

The interview process here is quiet different from the scrutiny we go through. One or Two technical rounds where we answer from everything we know to everything we don’t about computers and coding, faking confidence and surety like a rock-star is what a B.E Grad does, attired in anything that remotely resembles the formal wear. It was different in here, the candidates were perfectly dressed for the interview, not a wrinkle could be seen through naked eyes, well polished complementing shoes, evenly trimmed nails varnished aptly for the occasion,thick black files to finish that corporate-look. Already feeling like an unfit around, the questions thrown at me during the interview made clear the vague reality.

So I wasn’t mentally prepared for questions like your strengths, how to sell this product?, convince me to do this that and a lot more personality digging questions. Being trained to technically answer questions including those we have little idea about, I somehow scraped through the various rounds.

What got me distracted was when in a certain round I was asked to name a role model, a person I idolize or look up to, and would want to imitate as much as I could. As the interviewer was narrating this question to me, my mind tried processing and computing the various famous figures I knew about, several names crossed my mind trying to win my attention from Obama to SRK to Dexter, nobody did. As the time arrived for me to answer finally, Mother Teresa popped out without any authentication or verification from my mind. I remember watching a conversation between a journalist and Aishwariya Rai after she won her Miss. World pageant once, my answer to the interviewer had so much resemblance to that video I saw, trying to steal every praise she hailed on her idol, to portray myself in high caliber.

Any-who a piece of curiosity bugged me after my act. I decided to learn more about this immensely great woman, more than what my catechism classes had taught me about her.

Mother Teresa in her teens wasn’t like any other her age, she had her long-term goal set in a mere age of 12(I hadn’t stopped watching cartoon until 15! *probably*). And by 18 she acted upon it, she left home for a missionary life, a life of free service, a life of giving. And she didn’t stop by there, further seeing the people suffer with misery in India, she set out to selflessly help them. I recollect reading stories about her carrying leprosy patients in her arms and taking them under her aid. She is still loved by all religions alike. How can a person be so filled with compassion?

We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.

– Mother Teresa

When people give away lakhs from their abundance to charity, it’s usually a way of redemption from the sins that are pricking their soul making them hard to survive in peace, while some others take this as an opportune to publicize their goodness while still others give after saving enough for their own.But this woman dint give from her abundance, she gave from the only life she had.. she surrendered her self to serve others, loving the unloved. Put all her needs into trouble, and continued sacrificing her all without letting people know what her sorrows were. Without the greed of worldly pleasures and acknowledgements, just the want to see the people she serve be happy and stay hearty. As written in the scriptures, But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: . She certainly is up there clothed in the finest of robe, sitting in a huge throne merrymaking and doing all those things she couldn’t in her life here.

After Reading about her I realized maybe sub consciously she was my idol, the question just triggered the respect I had for her in my heart.

*Just accepting a challenge of publishing an old unfinished draft*

We cant get enough of over thinking situations and ruining it all the more (and I stand a champion position in this area). Often things that we fear the most of don’t even actually happen. All through College and School life the fear of clearing your tests well and post your educational decade, its time to start worrying about your job. Every time we level-up the difficulty scale, the level we crossed seems too meager. Honestly now as I look back to the “apparently” difficult school or engineering days, they weren’t that hard after all. New challenges often sound difficult until we conquer them and after discovering the sweet treasure, all that pain we endured seems so worth it.

That initial jitter before giving an interview or a test or performing on a stage, and 2 minutes after commencing its total peace within.