The Birthday Post

I’m beginning this post with no idea where I’m headed to, but its my birthday and I believe, I should be doing things that come under the “I love doing” zone today, even though I sit here in my cubicle with loads of work piled up(metaphor alert!! 😉 ), and a lot more stuff piling up my head about how to finish the pile (metaphor repeat !! 😉 )before I tell my manager about my plans to leave early, and after tonight’s party I’d hardly be in the place to type like I am now (metaphor over-used!! 😉 ).

So off to doing some real work. and this post is certain to go through some renovation soon!!


As I peep outside the window panes furtively looking at the crowds.. Hoping to replay history to the time when our eyes met and met and refused to abandon each other, inspecting every detail like we were reading a beautifully written story in those two little beings that only the two of us could understand .