The non-Perks of Office life! 💔 😋

1. Your paying your own bills.


Our parent’s wallet had always been a well of endless money supply. Not anymore dudette, you want that pretty dress.. ?Don’t have money?.. .. They show you the way to the ATM! Well thanks Mom – Dad.

2. Everyone’s either married or engaged.
College life was beautiful.. We could run around set our heart on any beautiful creature we have our eyes set on, coy and twirl, round and round while looking totally stupid in an effort to strike a conversation with them. But now that smart ass manager who can play the guitar, sing and code like he was born with a C sharp .. Well that ball is already in someone else’s court!

3. No bunking.
76% attendance used to be so hard to achieve once upon a time. Those days when the most reasonable explanation for missing the day’s lecture used to be blaming the morning sun for not shining bright enough to wake you up or the alarm for going off battery overnight. These reasons could cost you a fortune now.

4. Growing up.
With our senses starting to mend up, we start losing all the false hopes of getting rich overnight, Prince charming kissing us awake, or maybe any other unnaturally delusional circumstance. Because the real world ain’t all that fancy.

All said and done, one fact that doesn’t fade is that now your an independent human being something you’ve always wished to be since the days you were forced to sit and learn those long lessons from your workbook. Now your learning the real lessons of life. Moreover your not married yet! You have lot more to enjoy before you fall into someone else’s court. 😉


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