There is a lot of fuss around zeroing down on a name for your toddler and my sister has conveniently distributed her task among every member of the family.
Picking out the most appropriate name is too much pressure.. think about it- many young Indian souls are stuck with names like Hardik (if you get what I mean πŸ˜‰). You would not want any member of your own family to deal with that kind of trauma.

My parents were lazy.. in their defence they did not have access to Google back then. My sister was named Philishya and when the second child was brought in.. they just had to find something that rhymes and that is the account of how I am stuck with ‘Delisia’ (I love my name.. I just do not like the way I ended up with it).


So the first filter in name finding is always- the caste filter. In our case- ask Google to get you a list of Christian Names.
Anjali, Shankar, Om – a total no no!


We can not reuse names that are already owned by another family member – so Hannah, Rachel, Stephen, Esther, Serah,Nathan and all the desirable names are expurgated.


Then is the generation filter, now there are some names that our grandparent generation have overused .. names like Sarah, Mathew, Paul (Philip too!!).. We can not let our little one be already outdated.!


Hitler, Osama, Kasab and likes are some of the most infamous scandalous personalities the world has witnessed. And needless to say, the slightest chance that your kid might live up to the expectations of the notorious personalities who have donned the name before, should not be taken


The last and yet the most important one is the pronunciation filter.. yes! This is one of  the most unavoidable ones.
Like I mentioned somewhere above, people with names like Hardik are most likely to be mentally traumatized at some stage of their life. If teenage was kind to you, adolescence will hit you.. and if you say nothing hit you.. I do not believe you!!
So when I read a name from the list.. I read every syllable carefully back and forth.. because I do not want the name to have any kind of secondary meaning or slangs associated with it or with any of its syllables.



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