Tale of the swollen legs

Being a socially active human.. I show off my new hair color to my pretty dress..   allow me to flaunt an act of kindness this time.

I have a habit of particularly eating unhealthy items that do nothing nutritious than add soothingly amazing flavour to my tongue. Yup.. That is how I’ve managed to add a few many kilos to my tummy fat. Times when I’m stressed and I’ve been regularly having the forbidden diet.. I tend to fall prey to harsh acidity attacks. Starting with nausea to excruciating tummy pain. This time I had my 9 months heavily pregnant sibling by my side.. she kept serving me freshly warmed ginger juice as a quick fix recipie and fruits as per Google’s suggestions to keep me alive through the day.. 😊 

.. and look what I had done to her tender legs ! The additional to and fro walks had aggravated her leg condition..

the swollen leg of course makes me sad.. but a modest amount of ineludible delight refuses to leave my side  !

Truly.. Happiness resides in such deeds of humanness. 



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