The 2016!

 2016 taught me.. ! 

– The right ways to hold a new born.

– Make friends from your own generation.

– There are a lot of don’ts to maintain amongst your office colleagues. Learn them all before you head to the do’s.

– You can not lose weight in a month. But those exercises certainly make you feel fresh.

– Go to the doctor for help and not Google. Especially if it is your teeth that needs help.

– Your fears are only in your head. Even the flying cockroach can be tackled with a simple newspaper.

– Asking people about things you did when you were high is not going to make you feel better. Let it goooo. 

– Having trust issues is not really a problem. But saying it out aloud could be.

– Speak out loud only what people wish to hear. Unless they are your friends or it is your appraisal meeting. 😉


Blind young boys, crippled kids, mothers holding almost dead little kids with thick red color popping out of the huge bandage tied on their forehead, young girls with untidy brown hair touching you constantly until we yield to their stubborn begging have now become mainstream techniques of asking for money.

A young girl, age barely reaching 10, short and untidy in existence wearing a wide dupatta across her chest covering the frock underneath as if she were wearing a saree  ..  walked past a few unsuccessful attempts (including me). Somehow people begging for money find couples to be easy preys.. a young unmarried Gujarati couple busy on their phones were interrupted by this little girl.. the duo bluntly refused help at first.. she did not look ready for another rejection.. and moved a little behind from her current position to a place that drew the two’s attention .. she put one of her tiny fingers inside her little nostrils for about half a second, not trying to achieve anything but annoyance from the Gujju pair.. after her little unclean stint she reached out to touch the couple in an attempt to ask for money again .. the pair could not tolerate the thought of those dirty little fingers moving close to them, jumped behind.. and extended a few coins in exchange to their freedom.

Can anyone disagree to this level of shrewdness ! (:  *thug life music in background*