Shortly back at my work desk after having a brief conversation with a colleague about how she lived her life until date without being led into any transgessions, not atleast in the sane knowledge of her 5 senses. Being a Christian, I am aware of the rules myself, but it is difficult to claim of being downright clean of wrongdoings.

So her little modus operandi of avoiding the sinful course are not watching movies (at all), music to her is defined under the small bracket of hymns alone, there is no concept of hanging out with friends explicitly in her vocabulary. Ofcourse she claims to have avoided lieing. All this to be on the nicer list of the Almighty.

 Being well informed about Biblical teachings, I put forward my best effort to be on the same nice list. Bible abhors lies, even in case of trying situations I avoid lieing I rather just say nothing at all, until asked about it. Bible also advises us against watching anything immoral or sinful, unlike the idea of not watching movies at all, I simply fast-forward through the parts that my mind judges as vile and strongly condemn movies that solely have immoral content(I hope you know what I mean). Intoxication is another sin, about which the Bible shares a strong opinion of maintaining one’s senses at all times. And in case you fall short on doing right by the rules scripted, we have our Sundays dedicated for confessions. So everything seems to be under control uptil now.

I know the rules but I live by taking assistance of the loopholes in them… and still lay in hope of being in the acceptable-into-heaven radar.

.. signing off forever.. (: