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Peace- ing it out with myself !

:’Nobody can hurt me without my permission’
-Mahatma Gandhi

Our monotonous engineering life had started to irk us. Attending 6-8 hours of lectures and to add to the misery were all those assignments with tedious deadlines. It isn’t as horrible as I’m making it sound though, but ya.. Everything starts to get annoying when it has to be done the same way for a long period!

Let’s not sway away. So we climbed up the small hills on the way to the topmost reach, from here everything seemed very small. It was like we had left our problems way down and now they were too little to be visible. This was supposed to be our revitalizing sojourn after what all the technical data fed into our system had done to our being.

The best part of these underdeveloped suburbs is that it ain’t developed.. Everything was still as naive as God had made it. Picturesque places like these drift our minds to a pleasing solitude. This kind of peace isn’t what you search for at churches and temples, it’s the inner peace, it’s about sorting matters with yourself before the inner you is lost amongst the noises of the world.

We’ve got so many things up in our life that drain us through and bring us down to the pigeonhole we make to protect ourselves from anything new, hurting or difficult. What stays within the courage-tower we build, is what keeps us going during these trying days, and helps us move on and not let our past leech out the happiness from our today.