Epiphanies from a jar of Nutella

Love should be like a bottle of nutella. Eating all that chocolate could do you no more good than a packet of maggi *I hope we all know maggi is a zero nutrient diet* , the sugar content puts you on a diabetes alert, all those calories you were trying to burn are reinvented with extra “fat” toppings. But you crave to lick clean that little bottle from every corner because like people keep saying “.. It’s about priorities” and it had-has-will always be about it. Love is when you crave for it from the bottom of your butterfly-flying stomach.. Love is when you be the idiot, isolating your logical brain to the darkest corner of your skull and redecorate the space with pink hearts prettified all over.. Its when you just know you want it, not only does your mind provoke you.. But every part of your body is demanding you to lick that chocolate syrup and you just can’t get enough of it and each time the little voice from the dark corner tries to fight its way up, the love you get back from the jar deafens the voice on its own.

So people don’t you settle for anyone lesser than a jar of nutella! 😉
.. Because your worth it! 😀 ❤


*Random Thoughts*

Some sorrys mean as little as the statutory warnings shown in the corner of the TV screen! 🌚💩😝 *Nobody is paying attention*

Sweet Little Lies

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sweet Little Lies.”

It ain’t true. Of course not. Exceptions – lot of them.

Like for instance from the past one month I’ve been lying to myself that everything’s gonna be alright. I literally try to soak-in the Bob Marley song into my veins to feel the lie from within. But as soon as I reach my office, the office wind dries out all the soaked up motivation from my viens. Like a dash of minus’ negating all the plus’ in me for no reason.

So the peace I get for the while I’m away from this electron emitting channel is a gratitude to the soothing lie that tomorrow ought to be better. 😉

*Says me after a mood-swing* 😛 ™

Baggage Check

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Baggage Check.”

This “Baggage Check” badgered me to rewind every dramatic cyclone that has or had bypassed me. But then my major decisions owe an obligation to the smaller winds that touched me silently without making me realize the amount of dirt or flowers it had eroded from my surface. (WOW! That’s heavy! ).

Though things that come under my “major decision” zone is certainly not the usual critical ones. Like I chose not to wear a saree for my Sister’s wedding as I had worn it once  before and walked worst than a duck then.

As I peep outside the window panes furtively looking at the crowds.. Hoping to replay history to the time when our eyes met and met and refused to abandon each other, inspecting every detail like we were reading a beautifully written story in those two little beings that only the two of us could understand .

Digging Deep on why Birds of the same feather.

Have you ever noticed that in 8 of 10 cases people share the strongest possible kind of friendship usually with those who speak their same tongue?
{ 4 of 5 friends I earned from the days, I had only milk teeth to showcase each time I smiled, are southies *though the left out 1 was a Nepali, friends like her implicate the phrase “Sister from another Mister” rightly* … so I just totaled it up out of 10 and lo.. that is how I came up with that number! 😉 }

This time Google didn’t offer me any article pillaring my epiphany. In India, Google says we speak 122 languages (excluding profanity. 😉 ). Not many countries have such a variety of local tongues spoken among their populace. Here every language has their own subordinate division emanating from their linguistic varieties,just like English spoken within the US is different from that spoken by ‘The English’ and it is certainly poles apart the Indian English. And so this enlightenment showers its light precisely in case of the Indian scenario.

It’s hard to sum up to a particular reason behind this question mark. Here are some bullets I came up with to corroborate this surmise.

1. Parent Friendly
These are the ones you obliviously arrange for yourself keeping your parents’ perspective in reverence. This kid knows to strike the perfect conversation with your parents, and is the ideal candidate to take home with you when mother invites your Friends home, for supper. For some reason your parents cool down tout de suite as you tell them your late but your with “this” friend.

Friends from the same cultural background have a lot of common grounds to hang on to. There are some stereotypes that cling with each culture like Marwaris are assumed to be misers, while South Indian people are believed to have the funniest accent, and the Gujaratis are known for their shrewd business sense, Like minded birds flock together in the end. And it just doesn’t end there, there maybe a festival to celebrate together, a dish that only two of you could reason is tasty.( Gujaratis prefer sweet vegetarian dishes where as southies don’t let their food digest without at least a titchy morsel of meat). Different Leaders are worshipped in different parts of the country, like Jayalalitha is for the Tamilians and Modi for the Gujaratis. And a lot more jazz I’m sure that I have missed on could eventually propagandize likeness among people.

Dsouza’s, Dias, Dmello’s are Christian surnames, and when your sorted in class based on your surname all you guys end up together, just like the Achrekars, Ambekars and Amrutes.  A friend in need is a friend indeed. So these are you back-ups during exams and practicals. And friendships are eventually bound to breed.

The last and the biggest advantage is the”No-one else knows your language” USP. We can crap about the one sitting right besides without releasing an ounce of suspicion.

My Perspective